Embassy Legalization

By availing the embassy legalization services students get their education credentials verified through the Business School which are then accepted in any country, globally.Embassy Legalization services open a World of employment opportunities to our students by legalizing their documents to be used in different countries.In need of document legalization? Being asked for an Apostille or Embassy legalization of your Ariston or any other documents Ariston offering world class expedited apostille and embassy legalization services. We have unparalleled experience in the field and the efficiency and knowledge that a four year track record offers.Our services consist of providing the required governmental authority authentication of documents for their international use.Throughout our three years of successful document legalization experience, we have also provided a timely consulting service to those individuals and companies seeking for the required governmental authority authentication for both personal and business documents from world wide use.

‘Apostille Attestation’ is done from MEA for our specific clients who are going to all European countries for job and all other purposes.
You can approach us for Single Status Certificate Attestation, Document Apostille, Power of Attorney Apostille, Marriage Certificate Apostille, Passport Apostille, Document Attestation, Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), & Various Embassies from India.

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