Educational Methodology

Ariston School of Business Studies following e-learning education methodology for its all programs, with the advances in internet technology, web based eLearning systems are gaining popularity than conventional type of education, being on line Ariston give a opportunity to learn any course from any part of the world. Apart from on-line learning Ariston giving study materials for its all students. We are creating an environment that promotes an active approach to learning.

Study Materials

Ariston School of Business Studies will provide comprehensive study materials including tutorial CDs, Printed books, and e-books for their all students registered for deferent programs .The students shall receive complete package of study material within 15 days of successful enrolment. The study materials shall cover full range of syllabus. In additional all MBA students shall receive leading business magazine subscription for the period of studies.

Academic Preparation

Online student life is all about the Student and the environment created as you start your journey to academic success with the Ariston School of Business Studies To ensure a start on the right path to success, it is important that all students participate in all the orientation exercises – telephonic and virtual. All new students in Diploma Programmes are required to participate in a telephonic orientation at their convenient time. As soon as the registration completes students shall receive study materials, syllabus both printed and e-books with-in 15 working days.

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