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Masters In Business Administration MBA- Dual Specialization

  • Overview
    ASBS distance learning MBA helps you to become an expert in your line of work. It makes you more valuable to businesses. You can stay ahead in the corporate world by earning ASBS distance learning MBA through learning new business procedures and methods. The knowledge you acquire through an online master's program can be applied to decision that need to be made on your job and everyday life.

    You will become equipped with tools that lead to better corporate strategies, decision making and policies. When you use these tools on job, you will impact your entire work environment with your knowledge. The advanced degrees like a distance learning MBA. Investing in your career could lead to raises and promotions. With your expertise, you will be eligible to climb higher up the corporate ladder. Most managers top executives CEO's have reached those positions because they have attained sophisticated degrees on their line of work. They steadily rose from an employee. Each subsequent step led to higher and higher ranks with in the company until they finally reached the height of their careers.


Semester 1 Semester 2 Semester 3 Semester 4
101. Principles and Practice of Management 105.International Human Resource Management 109.Business Law 112. Management Information System
102. Business Economics 106. Financial Management 110. Operations Management 113. Business Environment
103. Business Communication 107.Marketing Management 111. Computer Applications in Management 114.Specialization A Part 1
115.Specialization A Part 2
116. Specialization B Part 1
Specialization B part 2
104. Organizational Behaviour 108. International Business 112.Research Methodology 117.Project


MBA dual specialization let students can focus on two related functional area or specific industry to expertise in your chosen career. ASBS is providing a wide range of specialization for MBA dual specialization. You can choose a specialization to customise your MBA according to industry and function. See our Tracks and Specializations

REGULAR -Two Year FAST TRACK - One Year Total Course Fees= INR 57,700 (For Indian students only)

General Info

ASBS prestigious MBA program is designed for working professionals to attain Master level program on their line of work, Dual specialization MBA help the professional to expertise in two functional areas.
MBA program is delivered using online and correspondence format. Students must have access to a computer and Internet. The program is segregated in 4 semesters, and covering 13 general management papers and 4 specialization papers. The student shall submit the record of project study one month prior to complete the program.
Minimum qualification
Graduate /GDBA/Equivalent or 3 year Diploma with work experience.

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